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Restaurant consultants generally do not guarantee results, in writing. WE DO! We love to help trouble restaurants turn themselves around.  With many clients, we generate well over $100,000 in annual savings/earnings over and above current performance levels. This represents a return on investment of over 1500%. While we cannot guarantee this return every time, our proven process yields these results more often than not, even in restaurants performing well already. We will perform an Operations Analysis, in which every part of your business is evaluated by a highly trained consultant with over 30 years of food service and hospitality industry experience.

We have been called the – “Restaurant Start Up Experts” by Smart Money Magazine.  Our Consultants can help walk you through the more than 450 steps to open a successful new restaurant.  In fact, our consultants average over 35 years of relevant experience.  They have all owned one or more restaurants or have top caliber exectutive experience in national chains.  Combined, National Restaurant Consultants have opened more than 350 restaurants worldwide.
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Do you have questions about starting a new restaurant? How about an existing one?
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